The Growth of Little Scrummers Rugby

The growth of Little Scrummers Rugby has been steady, with each club we have opened carefully planned and thought about. When we wanted to expand the company in 2015 but keep the ‘small, personal’ feel we looked at many different options. Franchising appeared to be best suited to us and it was something we decided to look into more. Having a business that is scaleable, doesn’t mean it can be done easily or successfully!


Once the decision had been made to franchise we started the process of becoming a ‘Franchisor’. Building our operations manual, updating our back office and operational systems, gaining knowledge of franchisors best practise, looking at delivery systems and training plans. Going through each process took months of dedication. Each of our company owned clubs were scrutinised, we made sure that the delivery and best practise that embraced our Brand & Values were
being met. Some changes were made, some other new processes rolled out where better application and processes
were seen and systems were updated.

After a period of around 6 months we were ready to approach the BFA and start our application process. Whilst this isn’t a legal requirement we felt strongly that we wanted to offer our franchisees security in knowing we had been ‘vetted’ and we’re a reliable, valued company, not a business who was going to start and end in a flash.

When we gained approval we opened an official ‘pilot’ venue which was ran as a franchise, with a ‘franchisor’ who was a friend. We had already piloted a venue, but this was done early into 2015 and we had changed some processes by now. This gave us lots of information and knowledge. Whilst we had proven the business model works, running it from ‘the other side’ gave us invaluable insights into how we can improve and grow. This was a lesson that was easy to learn from, but hard to love! It is not as easy as it looks on paper to deliver, and whilst keeping the Brand Values in place and the Franchisor educated and supported we knew we had more to work on. It did feel a little like going back to the drawing board on some items, where as other we now knew worked and were success-
fully scaleable.


We advertised our opportunity on many different online sites and e-shots, and by October 2016 we signed our first franchisee! This was shortly followed in Feb 2017 with our second!

From each franchisee we learn a lot. Everyone is very different, with different skill sets and different needs. We have signed up to a professional mapping software, we have a cloud based franchisee platform, so at anytime of day they have access to thousands of pieces of material, from coaching plans to social media guides, examples of staff manuals to colouring in pictures for their little scrummers!

There are constant updates to our back office system and best practise. We make sure we are learning all the time and evolving as a company. We have a long way to go, but we are embracing each step of the journey and know that our values as a company are steadfast. Serious Fun, Inspiring Coaching.


To find our more about Little Scrummers Rugby, visit their profile page HERE.




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